KingdomCraft is a game where you do what you want to do. Build the tallest building, adventure new dimensions, craft the best tools you can afford. This adventure, is yours. The latest version of the game is 1.8, to play, go to: To download, you will need Scratch 1.4 installed on you computer, you then can open KingdomCraft and begin play.

About Edit

KingdomCraft is a game with no aim or tasks to achieve. Instead, the player can set set his or her own goal to complete whilst playing the game. The game is simply a randomly generated world made up of small blocks. These are all different in vision but all play the same role, they can be picked up by the player and moved around the world. Blocks can be used to build structures for the player to live in or just for world decoration. 

The game features two dimesions, these are the Overworld (The main world where the player spawns) and the Nexus. The Nexus is a threatening place, it is filled with large amounts of lava and a hole new range of blocks. Most of the Nexus is built up with stone, but it also features decorative but unmineable blocks. The skies also differ in the two dimesions. The Nexus includes a bright reddish sky while the Overworld has a bright blue sky. 

Getting StartedEdit

KingdomCraft was designed to be simple, if you experience any trouble within playing the game, scan through the help pages below may be able to help:




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