List Of Blocks Edit

The KingdomCraft world is built of many blocks, most of the vital for survival. The most occurring block in the game is stone. It takes up 60% of the Overworld and 80% in the Nexus. For a list of complete blocks, see below:

Stone - Obtainable with hand but mined notably faster with pick-axe health 

Dirt - Covers the top of the world, this block has a chance to spawn trees above them whilst world generation.

Wood - Used to craft wooden Planks, also is generated as part of a tree

Leaves - Lime green blocks above tree branches, these can be mined but not collected    

Bedrock -  kills player when they are touching it, this block cannot be mined or collected without any use of a mod

Iron Ore - Generated below dirt and within stone. Used to add large amounts of health to a pick-axe,

Gold Ore – Simply for decoration, this block has no use or crafting purpose.

Diamond Ore – Used to add large amounts of health to a pick-axe

Lava – Kills player when they touch it, similar to bedrock but a bright red colour.

Water – Used to decorate the world surface, cannot be picked up.

Obsidian – Used to travel to another dimension, the Nexus.

Many of the blocks in the nexus do not own a name, these blocks are simply for decoration purposes and cannot be mined. One of these blocks can kill similar to lava. Blocks with a white outer edge can harm the player. Others with a black edge can be stood on and will not affect the player.